The T-Shirt


The cut of our T-shirts is deliberately minimalistic, without unnecessary cut lines, but with great attention to detail. The round neckline has a contrast collar and a stitched hem. The sleeve length is slightly extended to cover the armpits when the arms are raised. There are no shoulder seams, but a yoke-inspired back seam that is reminiscent of a classic men's shirt and has a great recognition value in its minimalism. This also prevents possible rubbing on the shoulders, where two shoulder seams would otherwise meet when wearing a jacket.


We produce our T-shirts from two different premium cotton jerseys, both of which are made from high-twisted, super-fine cotton yarn. This guarantees that the T-shirts never lose shape, do not warp or become boxy even after a large number of washes. A special dyeing and drying process guarantees color fastness. The materials differ in their feel: while the Japanese cotton is very silky and flowing, the Portuguese is more tightly and densely woven. 


To enable an ideal fit, we not only offer our T-shirts in four different sizes (1,2,3 and 4), but also in three different lengths (standard, X and Y). So shoulder width and body length can be combined independently. While the T-shirts made of Portuguese cotton are true to size, it should be noted that those made from Japanese cotton should be ordered a size smaller.


One of the most important features of our T-shirts is that they do not go out of shape when they are washed. To support this, we recommend never washing them hotter than 40 degrees and letting them air dry.